Civil War Programs

Civil War Era Studies

Created in 1998 with funding from the Henry R. Luce Foundation, CWES oversees an undergraduate minor in Civil War Era Studies.

The study of the battles, personalities and ideas which shaped our nation during the tumultuous years around the American Civil War extends deep into our college's history. The college's buildings and grounds were witness to one of the largest field hospitals on the battlefield, and its students in November of 1863 witnessed the speech made Abraham Lincoln in the National Cemetery.

Our students are afforded today with an equally rich experience, not only in our own town, but with the myriad research and study opportunities that are a stone's throw away from our campus.

CWES helps to administer the annual Gilder Lehrman Lincoln Prize.

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No college is better or more appropriately suited to offering exemplary programs focused on the American Civil War than Gettysburg, a college that is immersed in the history of the war era.


Civil War Institute

The Civil War Institute uses an interdisciplinary approach to engage diverse audiences in a dialogue about the Civil War.

The CWI:

  • Provides numerous educational opportunities for Gettysburg College students such as the Civil War Institute fellows program and the Brian C. Pohanka Fellowships.
  • Supports internships and other professional opportunities in National Parks, preservation agencies, heritage tourism associations, and the museum community at large.
  • Hosts the annual Summer Conference

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