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 The ShipBurial at Sutton Hoo

Map I
This map illustrates some early significant ship burials in northwestern Europe.


Map II
This map of the North Sea outlines common routes of travellers and pirates.   These ship routes were often used as trade routes between these areas.  

This map displays and names areas of Denmark and southern Sweden.  Beowulf, the great warrior and prince of the Geats, is believed to have originated in southwest Sweden, between the west coast and Lake Wener.  Wiglaf, prince of the Scylfings, was from Uppland.  King Hrothgar of the Danes ruled an area of the isle Siaelland.  

Source of maps and information:
Green, Charles. Sutton Hoo, The Excavation of a Royal Ship Burial.  London, Merlin Press Ltd. 1963:pp16, 113, 132,
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