PROJECT CLEA (Contemporary Laboratory Experiences in Astronomy) develops laboratory exercises that illustrate modern astronomical techniques using digital data and color images. They are suitable for high- school and college classes at all levels, and can be configured for many purposes using option screens accessible to teachers, but come with defaults set for use in introductory astronomy classes for non-science majors. Each CLEA laboratory exercise includes a dedicated computer program, a student manual, and in some cases, a technical guide for the instructor. The technical guides describe file formats, user-settable options, and algorithms used in the programs. CLEA labs run under Windows on PC's, but can be run under Windows emulation on Macs and Linux/Unix machines. (Using, for instance, Parallels or WINE).

Clicking on the Software icon on the left of your screen will take you to the page where you can view all available software. Clicking on any of the lab icons on that page allows you to view the lab description, download software, and much more. Manuals, questionnare forms and lab software are readily available throughout the site. Full CD-ROM images with all of our software are also available on our site for download (several hundred Mb each).  Please feel free to browse around. Any questions or comments can be directed to through our evaluation forms , our memo forms or one of many direct e-mail links throughout our site. 

PROJECT CLEA has been supported by Gettysburg College and grants from the National Science Foundation (1992-2012) and NASA. 

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