CLEA Comments

From Amateurs



JC Guala of Canada:

A few days ago, I discovered, haphazardly, your CLEA Laboratory Exercises in Astronomy.  I am physics engineer (40 years of experience)  and  still teach mathematics and physics (high school levels). I still have great interests in astronomy and this has been so, since I was young. Having done some programming in VB, I can only imagine the amount of work involved in your simulations. They are instructive and stimulating, well done and easy to use. Moreover, the documentation is sufficient for my level of expertise.

Bill Wells of Lakeland, Florida:

As an amateur astronomer, I find the CLEA exercises challenging yet well documented.

Robert Fields of Walnut Creek, California:
Many thanks for the wonderful CLEA software, and everything else that you make available anonymously.  Its often difficult for those of us long finished with college to still be in touch with academics.  These are great educational products with a very nice user interface.

Brian Leduc of Milton, Ontario:
I am an amateur astronomer from Milton, Ontario.  I have been using the CLEA software programs for over a year now, and I find them excellent for learning about astronomy.

Markus Furger of Switzerland:
As an amateur astronomer I found your internet address in ASTRONOMY magazine.  I was just trying the Jupiter moon simulation.  I am really pleased about the good idea of preparing such programs for students.  I have the intention to test my knowledge in celestial mechanics with these programs.

Luis E. Gomez:
I am enrolled in a distance learning course in Astronomy and this course uses some of your software which I find very professional for amateurs. I am interested on software published by CLEA.

Royston Paynter:
I was very impressed with the labs and I think that would be of great interest to the members of our club.

Ken Noesgaard of Winnipeg, Canada:
I have recently discovered your excellent laboratory programs!  I am an amateur astronomer and sometimes I guest lecture at local high schools on observational astronomy.  The CLEA programs will fit in quite nicely to illustrate to young students just what specifically astronomers do!  Thank you for these programs!

Your programs are not only educational tools but inspiring to amateur astronomers to conduct these experiments for mere pleasure.