Visit to Greenbank: Thursday June 24-Saturday June 26

Tours of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. Projects on the 40-Foot Telescope; Farewell Party

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Lunch in Harrisonburg

A Stop in the Blue Ridge

Lunch en route at the Chinese buffet in Harrisonburg, VA

Mike, Al, and Aaron at a stop in the Blue Ridge Mountains, just over the West Virginia line..

Watching a Video before the Tour of NRAO

Sue Ann Heatherly teaches a class

Watching a Video at Greenbank before a tour of the NRAO facilities

Sue Ann describes the upcoming projects.

Sue Ann and Class 2
The 40 Foot control room
More information for the participants from Sue AnnSue Ann shows the group the controls of the 40 foot radio telescope
Sue Ann Control Room 2Clouds over the GBT
Al, Richard, and Ekaterina get instruction on the use of the 40 foot telescope.Todd, Al, and Marc watch the gathering storm clouds over the Green Bank Telescope
Planning Observations 1Planning Observations 2
Ekaterina, Peter, and Mike plan for their upcoming observations Robert, Aaron and Todd work out an observing strategy.
Planning 3Planning 4
Richard and Todd go over the coordinates of their mystery objectMike and Peter make last-minute plans.
A New Multi-Feed Receiver in the ShopDick at the Controls of the GBT
Sue Ann shows a new mult-feed receiver in the NRAO shop.Dick Cooper at the controls of the GBT
Listening to ReportsMarc Presents Results
Mike, Walt, and Matt intently listen to the first results from the 40 Foot Dish.Marc presents the results from his group's radio observations.
Presenting Results 2Presenting Results
Peter, Mike, and Ekaterina present their resultsWalt, Mike, and Matt unroll the chart recording they made.
Juanita Fireball and the Continental DriftersGBT Group Shot
Juanita Fireball and the Continental Drifters provide evening entertainment.The CLEA 2010 Workshop group poses in front of the GBT