June 8, 2004

The Transit of Venus

Hugh, the physicist to be


ahhhh Venus


Darrel, Ron, and Claudine are eager to see the transit of Venus


Considering weather conditions, we don't really understand why Don, Matt, and Darrel are so happy about


We won't give up... the fog WILL go away


 Neil, Craig, Don, and Chuck realize that at this point it more interesting to read a magazine than to stare at the foggy horizon



Jackie instructs us how to wear the solar glasses... we'll be needing those today... yeah, right.


Despite our efforts, the closest we got to seeing the transit of Venus was on a computer screen. Snif, Snif



Post-Tragedy activities


Eric was the only brave speaker that was willing to lecture sleep deprived participants


Coffee is a must. George, Craig, and Bill agree.


Eric had everyone's attention and fortunately no one fell asleep


Amy takes notes on Eric's lecture


Yeahy! no sleepy faces!