Science Blogs   --- ScienceBlogs

A webpage linking to a host of Science Blogs on a wide variety of subjects. Find out what's hot and controversial in the world of science.

Bad Astronomy --- Bad Astronomy Blog

Sharp opinions and information from astronomer Phil Plait about all sorts of crazy ideas related to astronomy. Were the moon landings a hoax? Will the world end in 2012? Can you balance an egg on end during the solstice? Find out here...

Cosmic Log   --- Cosmic Log (MSNBC)

Alan Boyle, veteran science reporter from MSNBC offers opinions and news about a wide variety of sciences.

Universe Today --- Universe Today Blog

 The latest news and opinions about things in the sky.

Funky Science     Funky Science

 News, Rants, and editorials from David Grinspoon

Wired Science   --- Wired Science Blog

 Science news and opinions from the online ezine WIRED.