Am Sci --- American Scientist Magazine

 Published by Sigma Xi, the scientific honorary society. An authoritative magazine with many readable articles on a wide variety of topics.

Archaeology --- Archaeology Magazine

 Published by the Archaeological Society of America. Popular articles on archaeological topics.

Audubon --- Audubon Magazine

 Published by the Audubon Society.Many readable articles on a wide variety of topics in science and natural history. 

Astronomy --- Astronomy Magazine

 Astronomy for the general reader and Amateur Astronomer 

Astronomy Now     Astronomy Now Magazine

 A popular astronomy  magazine from England.

Discover --- Discover Magazine 

 General Articles on all topics. A glossy newstand publication. 

--- National Geographic Magazine

Everybody's favorite, with stunning pictures, excellent natural history articles, and a smattering of science, too. 

Nature --- NatureMagazine 

Like Science this is technical magazine which contains many readable articles of general interest. 

New Scientist --- New Scientist Magazine 

A lively and very readable weekly magazine from England. Highly recommended. 

Odyssey     Odyssey Magazine 

A science magazine aimed at young people, 10-16

Science --- Science Magazine 

A mixture of technical and general articles. Excellent on issues of science and society.

Science News --- Science News Magazine 

A short, weekly digest of the latest science news of the week. Very informative and readable. An essential reference for the science writer.

Sci American  --- Scientific American 

The venerable magazine for the educated layman. Recent changes make make it almost as lively as it is authoritative.


and Telescope

--- Sky and Telescope Magazine 

The classic popular astronomy magazine, read by both amateurs and professionals. 

An on-line magazine of astronomy and space news. 

Smithsonian  --- Smithsonian Magazine 

A wide-ranging magazine from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. Covers everything from history to space.