Course Outline

Friday, January 18:  Opening Diagnostics

            Introductions, Course Overview


Monday, January 21:  Reading: N1 and N2 (to N2.3, at least)

            LAB:  Physics of the Pendulum I

Homework #1 [60 pts] due today: N1B.3, N1B.6, N1S.3, N1S.6, N1R.1 (Boldface items count 20%; others 10%)


Tuesday, January 22:  Collaborative Learning Session (in Mara Auditorium)


Wednesday, January 23:  Reading: N2 (to end) and N3


Friday, January 25: Reading:  N3


Monday, January 28:  Reading: N4

            LAB:  Gravity and an Introduction to Video Point (in Masters 210)

Homework #2 [90 pts] due today: N2B.6, N2B.8, N2S.5, N2S9, N3B.5, N3B.8, N3S.2, N3R.1


Tuesday, January 29:  Collaborative Learning Session


Wednesday, January 30:  Reading: N4 review and N5


Friday, February 1:  Reading: N5


Monday, February 4:  Reading::  N6

            LAB: Torque and Static Equilibrium

Homework #3 [100 pts] due today: N4B.1, N4B.2, N4S.2, N4S.9, N4S.10, N4R.1, N5B.5, N5S.2, N5S.7


Tuesday, February 5:  Collaborative Learning Session


Wednesday, February 6:  Reading: N7


Friday, February 8:  Reading: N7


Monday, February 11:  Reading: N8

            LAB:  Newton’s Second Law

Homework #4 [100 pts] due today: N6B.1, N6B.3, N6B.5, N6S.4, N7B.5, N7B.9, N7B.11, N7S.6, N7R.1


Tuesday, February 12:  Review Session for Exam #1


Wednesday, February 13:  Exam #1 (on N1 – N5)


Friday, February 15:  Reading: N9


Monday, February 18:  Reading: N10

            LAB:  Circular Motion and Centripetal Acceleration

Homework #5 [90 pts] due today: N8B.4, N8S.3, N8S4. N8S.5, N8S.12, N9B.7, N9S.4, N9R.1


Tuesday, February 19:  Collaborative Learning Session


Wednesday, February 20:  Reading: N11


Friday, February 22:  READING DAY


Monday, February 25:   Reading:  N12

            LAB:  ViedoPoint Analysis of Projectile Motion

Homework #6 [80 pts] due today: N10B.5, N10S.3, N10S.4, N10S.7, N10S.13¹, N11B.4

N11S.4, N11R.2


Tuesday, February 26:  Review Session for Exam #2


Wednesday, February 27:  Exam #2 (on N6 – N9)


Friday, February 29:  Reading: N13-


-----------------------SPRING RECESS  MARCH 1-MARCH 9----------------------


Monday, March 10:  Reading: N13

            LAB:  Hooke’s Law and Simple Harmonic Motion

Homework #7 [90 pts] due today:  N12B.3, N12B.4, N12B.7, N12S.1, N12S.3, N12R.1, N13B.3, N13B.6


Tuesday, March 11:  Collaborative Learning Session


Wednesday, March 12:  Reading: N13


Friday, March 14:  Reading:  N13


Monday, March 17:  Reading: R1

            LAB:  Physics of the Pendulum II

            Homework #8 [60 pts] due today: N13S2, N13S.3, N13S.4, N13S.10, N13R.1


Tuesday, March 28: Collaborative Learning Session


Wednesday, March 19:  Reading: R1


-----------------------EASTER RECESS  MARCH 21-MARCH 24----------------------


Tuesday, March 25:  No Collaborative Session this week


Wednesday, March 25:  Reading:  R2


Friday, March 27:  Reading:  R2


Monday, March 31:  Reading: R2

            LAB:  The Revolution of the Moons of Jupiter

Homework #9 [100 pts] due today: R1B.2, R1B.3, R1B.4, R1S.2, R1S.5, R1S.10, R2B.2, R2B.3, R2B.4


Tuesday, April 1:  Review Session for Exam #3


Wednesday, April 2:  Exam #3 on N10 – N13


Friday, April 4:  Reading: R2 and R3


Monday, April 7:  Reading: R3

            LAB:  Physics of the Pendulum III

            Homework #10 [80 pts] due today: R2B.5, R2B.6, R2B.8, R2S1, R2S.3, R2S.6, R2R.2


Tuesday, April 8:  Collaborative Learning Session


Wednesday, April 9:  Reading: R3


Friday, April 11:  Reading: R3


Monday, April 14: Reading:  R4

            Homework #11 [60 pts] due today: R3B.3, R3B.5, R3S.6, R3S.7, R3R.2


Tuesday, April 15:  Special Session for Lab Reports


Wednesday, April 16: Reading: R6


Friday, April 18: Reading: R6
    -----First Edition of Lab Report Due Today           


Monday, April 21:  Reading: R7

            Lab:  First Edition Meetings and Makeups

            Homework #12 [100 pts] due today; R4B2, R4B.5, R4S.2, R5B.1, R5B.4, R5B.7, R5S.3,

            R5S.4, R5A.2¹, R6S.1, R6S.5


Tuesday, April 22:  Review for Exam #4


Wednesday, April 23:   Exam #4 on R1 – R5


Friday, April 25:  Reading: R7


Monday, April 28:  Reading: R7 and R8.5

            Homework #13 [80 pts] due today: R7B.1, R7B.3, R7B.7, R7S.1, R7S.5, R7R.1, R8B.4



Tuesday, April 29:  Collaborative Learning Session

            Final Edition of Lab Report Due Today


Wednesday, April 30:  Reading: R8.5


Thursday, May 1, FOLLOW MONDAY SCHEDULE:  Reading: R8.5


Friday, May 2:  Reading: R9


Thursday, May 8: FINAL EXAM, 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. in Masters 110 (Mara Auditorium)


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¹20 point extra credit problem