CLEA News 1999
January 5-9,1999
        American Astronomical Society meeting - Austin, Texas.
            PROJECT CLEA has booth and Three papers at Austin meeting of the American Astronomical Society. New Astrometry software debuts. Larry Marschall runs a session on "Computers in Astronomy Education" on Friday afternoon.
Larry Marschall, Glenn Snyder, and Dick Cooper
handled the CLEA booth at Austin.
A Display Paper on the Asteroid Astrometry Exercise

April 3, 1999
          American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)-San Antonio, Texas..

                Dick Cooper presented a workshop at the summer meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.  Participants were particulary interested in many mfeatures of the Jupiter Lab and the Large Scale Structure Lab.  There was even a participant from "down under - Australia."  He had heard Dr. Marschall's talk in Sydney on three weeks earlier.
April 16, 1999
           Central Pennsylvania Section of AAPT - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
            Larry Marschall presented a workshop at the Central Pennsylvania Section of the AAPT.  The workshop was held at Gettysburg High School, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  All participants received a packet of CLEA material and were very enthused about the project.
April 23/24, 1999
        Minor Planet Workshop -  Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona
            Glenn Snyder, CLEA programmer attended the Minor Planet Workshpo at Lowell observatory in Flagstaff Arizona.  The first day of the workshop was devoted to astronomy and the second day was devoted to photometry.  This was an opportunity for Glenn to interact with both amateur and professionals as he continued to work on CLEA excerices in the same areas.
October 16, 1999
        Wester Pennsylvania Section of the AAPT -  Erie, Pennsylvania
            The Western Pennsylvania Section meeting of the AAPT was held at beautiful Berhend College of Penn State in Erie, Pennsylvania.  Dick Cooper presented a talk on Project CLEA to the general session of more than 50 attendees.  Following was a workshop that was well attended.  Compliments to Jonathon Hall and his staff for a great conference.
November 5/6, 1999
        Chesapeake Section of the AAPT - Ashland, Virginia.
            The Chesapeake section meeting of the AAPT was held in Ashland, Virginia at Randolph-Macon College.  Dick Cooper presented a presentation to the group, which was very well attended from all over the 3-state region of the section.  Geroge Sp**** and staff made CLEA feel at home.  It is alsways great to talk to longtime users of CLEA and to meet those who are just beginning to teach introductory Astronomy labs and are looking for materials to enhance their courses.