CLEA News 2002

January 19-20, 2002
        AAPT, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The National meeting for the AAPT was held in Philadelphia. CLEA had a nice turnout of 17 participants.  The workshop went well, but we had to trek through the snow to Temple University where the CLEA workshop was held.
January 24-25, 2002
        University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska
Many thanks to Kevin Lee and the Astronomy group at University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  Dr. Larry Marschall delivered two public talks for a Physics and Astronomy colloquium.  The title of the talks were "The Search for Extra Solar Planets" and "The Supernova Story", which was also open to the public.  They were well attended.
Dick Cooper conducted a CLEA workshop during the two day event.  Contrary to popular belief, the weather was quite warm in Nebraska in January.
Winners of CLEA T-shirts.
Kevin Lee and others take a break with Larry.
Larry gives a talk at the colloquium.
September 27-28, 2002
        Gettysburg College Family Weekend
A CLEA presentation was conducted for the parents of students at Gettysburg College.  It was a full house.  To round out the weekend, there was an open house at the observatory on Friday night.
October 4-5, 2002
        East Central University, Ada, Oklahoma
It was the host for the Arkansas-Oklahoma-Kansas section of the AAPT.  Dick Cooper did two workshops at the meeting with a full house at both.  Thanks to Karen Williams for housing a great event along with Russian Cosmonauts!
Karen Willams with Dick Cooper
October 25-27, 2002
        Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, Massachusetts
The North East Regional meeting of the AAPT was held at Bridgewater State College.  Program Chair Frederick Wolf pulled together a well attended meeting which included a packed CLEA workshop.  It was nice to meet folks with a strong interest in Project CLEA.
Dick Cooper and CLEA workshop participants.
October 31- November 4, 2002
        Key West, Florida
Dick Cooper took a long deserved rest in Key West at a Jimmy Buffett Concert.
Cooper was in the front row for the show.  AHHH!