1. Turn off the autoguider program and exit out of STV_Remote.
  2. In Ace, go to telescope > mirror cover park.
  3. Turn off the dome fan and tube fans.
  4. Put the covers back on the telescope and autoguider (careful of the small thread distance on the autoguider cover).
  5. In Ace, go to dome > close shutter.
  6. Exit Ace and PMIS.

  7. *NOTE* The exit command for PMIS is under the Help menu.  Answer YES to the prompt asking to save the program state. 
  8. WITH PMIS CLOSED(!), turn off CCD camera ELECTRONICS FIRST, turn off the water CIRCULATOR SECOND.  Turning off the camera electronics before PMIS is closed WILL CRASH THE COMPUTER!
  9. Turn off the computer monitors, the autoguider monitor, and the color TV monitor.
  10. Turn off the main power switch.
  11. In the summer, leave the air conditioners ON in the dome AND in the warm room.
  12. Turn off any lights that are still on in the dome, warm room, and classroom.

copyright Laurence A. Marschall, Gettysburg College