During the Fall, 2009, Semester, each student in Professor Marschall's FYS 145: Writing About Science first-year seminar will interview and write a profile about a professor in one of the science departments. Here is a list of science faculty who are willing to be interviewed. It's best to contact them by email through the college email system (addresses on CNAV) or by phone.
Kurt Andresen Physics I study electrostatic interactions in biological systems using spectroscopic and x-ray scattering techniques. In particular, I'm interested in the physical processes involved with the compaction of DNA. Masters Hall 203 405
Josef Brandauer Health Sciences My research is mostly on the biological regulation of aging, specifically in skeletal muscle tissue. I'm interested in how lifestyle (exercise, 'good' diet, etc.) can affect this process Science Center 148D 432
John Comitto

Environmental Studies

I am a marine scientist doing research on the ecology of the seafloor, currently focusing on the self-organization of mussel bed spatial patterns. I’m also interested in predator-prey interactions, biodiversity, and the so-called “ecosystem services” provided by seafloor organisms. I conduct most of my field work with students during summers in Maine, and I’ve also done research sabbaticals in Norway, New Zealand, and Italy. Science Center 154C 2455
Veronique Delesalle Biology Evolution of reproductive strategies in flowering plants McCreary Hall 206 392
Dan Drury Health Sciences My research is focused on Exercise Induced Hypoalgesia. In short, I study the relationship between the physiological aspects of exercise as it relates to pain augmentation. Science Center 148C 432
Shelli Frey


Biophysical chemistry; more specifically,understanding structure and dynamics of cell membranes

Science Center 357 393
Tim Funk Chemistry The synthesis of organic molecules and polymers. Science Center 393
Steven Gimbel Philosophy Philosophy of Modern Physics Weidensall Hall 314 404
Joseph Grzybowski Chemistry A study of the synthesis, characterization, and reactivity of clathrochelate complexes. Science Center 361 393
Sherman Hendrix Biology I am a fish parasitologist who works with helminth (worm) parasites of both freshwater and marine fishes. McCreary Hall 222 392
Steve James Biology, BMB

Managing and repairing the worst form of DNA damage:  analysis of two genes that control the response to DNA double-strand breaks.

Science Center 255 392
Jacquelynne Milingo Physics Astronomy---I study planetary nebulae (the remains of stars like our sun) and chemical abundances in the Milky Way. Also starspot cycles in stars other than the sun. Masters Hall 209 405
Todd Neller Computer Science Artificial Intelligence as it applies to the design and analysis of games and puzzles; game theory, machine learning, stochastic local optimization, constraint satisfaction. Glatfelter Hall 209 402
Jennifer Powell Biology I study the molecular and genetic mechanisms used by animals to recognize and defend themselves against infection by pathogenic bacteria. McCreary 208A 392
Clifton Presser Computer Science Scientific and Information Visualization which employs computer graphics to represent complex data for human consumption. Glatfelter Hall 208 402
Sarah Principato Environmental Studies I am a geologist, and my research focuses on glacial geology, glacial sedimentology, and records of climate change. I have worked most extensively on the glacial history of northwest Iceland, but I have also worked in Wisconsin and Maine. Students have worked with me as research assistants in Iceland and Maine. Science Center
Ralph Sorensen Biology I am considered a reproductive physiologist. I am trying to find out where babies come from, starting with the egg inside the ovary. Science Center 261 392
Michael Strickland Physics I study the fundamental structure of matter and the origin of the particles that make up everything. Masters Hall 202 405
Istvan Urcuyo Biology My research interests include tropical marine biodiversity of invertebrates, deep-sea hydrothermal vent ecology and cave biology. McCreary Hall 207 392
John R. Winkelmann Biology Long-time research interest is seed dispersal and pollination by bats. My current project is a bioacoustic survey of the echolocating bats of Kruger National Park, South Africa.  McCreary Hall 223 392

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