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Required Software

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A Description of the Software: 
Purpose: This is a deluxe version of the software that is supplied with the Astrometry of Asteroids lab, and is designed for planning observations, measuring positions from CCD frames, and reporting results to the  Minor Planet Center of the International Astronomical Union (MPC) . Here are some of its features:
  • Support for most popular camera formats, including SBIG and FITS, no limit on size (except that of available computer memory).
  • Reads GSC, ACT, USNO A1, A2, SA1, SA2 catalogs.
  • Reads Lowell and MPC asteroid databases for ephemeris calculations.
  • Parametrized search for objects by various criteria--helps in making nightly observing lists.
  • Produces and prints star charts with positions of asteroids superimposed. 
  • Load and blink up to 4 images.
  • User-friendly control of image contrast, brightness, and zoom.
  • User-friendly measurement against reference stars.  Linear, Cross-term, and full-quadratic solutions can be turned on and off.
  • Photometry with sky subtraction.  Separate selection of astrometric and photometric stars. 
  • Ephemeris from MPC, Lowell, or FIND_ORB data. 
  • Linear projections of positions from stored position measurements. 
  • Projected Baseline calculations for Asteroid Parallax observations. 
  • Stored file of observatories and cameras can be set up by users.
  • Reports generated in MPC format.


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