CLEA Comments

From 2-year Colleges

William Cox,Mohave Community College, Lake Havasu City, AZ:
CLEA is a valuable tool in my Astronomy Lab at Mohave Community College ... students really learn better using your products ..keep up the good work.

Arthur Goss at Bellevue Community College:
Your photometry and spectral ID programs look wonderful.  Good work!

Andreas Veh at Western Nebraska Community College:
I just enjoyed (again) to do spectra and photometry labs for the Pleiades.  I have been using CLEA labs for more than 2 years.  You have done a great job.  I especially (and my students as well) like Spectroscopy and Photometry.

Harold A. Williams, Montgomery College, Takoma Park, Maryland
Thanks for the best labs in astronomy on computers..

Dr. Jon M. Saken at Palm Beach Community College:
Labs are extremely useful.  In fact, we also use the Moons of Jupiter in our Physics lab when we do centripetal force.  They are the only way I have to give the students a taste of what it is like to do real astronomical research.  The software is easy to use even for students with limited computer experience.  Very visual - particular for the "Flow of Energy out of the Sun" it gives them a picture of what is actually happening.  Much of the software is pretty close to what a "professional" would use.  Talking about pulsars is one thing.  Having them actually measure the period of one is much more instructive.  I know of no other software that would allow this.  These labs enable me to bring a more "hands-on" aspect to the course.  Students think they are fun. They do seem to think it helps them understand the course material.  I find this a unique and valuable resource for teaching my class.  Without this I would have no way to give my students an understanding of what "real" astronomers do.

Dr. Donald H. Minkel of Adirondack Community College, New York:
I have taught Intro to Astonomy about 8 semesters using several of the CLEA exercises for labs.  I think the CLEA exercises do a great job simulating how astronomical research is actually done.  I want my students to learn to do science, not just learn about science.  These exercises are great for teachers with this approach.  Thanks for CLEA!

Heidi Van Tassell of Mesa Community College, Arizona:
I have enjoyed using some of your software in my first year astronomy classes at Mesa Community College.

Ntungwa Maasha of Coastal Georgia Community College, Georgia:
It was so good for you to give a workshop on CLEA labs. I am confident many teachers will find them very useful for their classes. You have a wonderful product.  I am enjoying using the CLEA lab.  Students will come just to enjoy working on them in their free time - perhaps more than they do video games!

Randall E. Sloper at Southwestern Oregon Community College, OR:
I used your software last spring in my introductory astronomy class and enjoyed it very much.