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Thursday, September 21:

Tom Solomon

3 p.m., Masters Hall, 
Mara Auditorium 

Department of Physics, Bucknell University
"Deterministic Chaos and Fluid Mixing"


Friday, October 20:

Alaine S. Duffy

3:30 p.m., Masters Hall, 
Mara Auditorium

Gettysburg College, Class of 2001
"Hunting Weird Stars in Arizona and the Andes"


Thursday, November 2:

Roman Schrittwieser

3:00 p.m., Masters Hall, 
Mara Auditorium

Universität Innsbruck, Austria
"Austrian Pioneers in 20th Century Physics"


Friday, November 3:

Michael Albrow

3:00 p.m., Masters Hall, 
Mara Auditorium

Hubble Space Telescope Institute
"Gravitational Microlensing and the Search for Extra-Solar Planets"


Thursday, November 9:

Jeffrey R. Vanjoy

3:00 p.m., Masters Hall, 
Mara Auditorium

United States Naval Academy
"Fun with NATALY"


Friday, November 17:

Matthew Bobrowsky

3:00 p.m., Masters Hall,
Mara Auditorium

Challenger Center for Space Science Education
"The Shapes of Planetary Nebulae"


Friday, December 1:

Peter J.Collings

3:00 p.m., Masters Hall,
Mara Auditorium

Swarthmore College
“Chiral Liquid Crystals:  Exotic Phases, Fluid Lattices, and Ambidexterity”


 Tuesday, February 27:

Diane Markoff

4:30 p.m., Masters Hall,
Mara Auditorium

TUNL (Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory)
"How Strong is the Spin-Dependent, Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction?


Thursday, April 17:

William Michael Snow

4:00 p.m., Masters Hall 208

Indiana University Cyclotron Facility


Friday, April 20:

Sharon Stephenson, Assistant 

3 p.m., Masters Hall 208


Professor of Physics, Gettysburg College,
Cory Dallas & Marc Morris, Class of 2003


"An Accelerated Tale: Fast Protons at Gettysburg College”


Wednesday, May 2:

Ian Griffin

3:30 p.m., Masters Hall 208

Space Telescope Science Institute
“The Taranaki Event and the End of the World”

Keep posted! More to come in the Fall of 2001!!

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These are open to the public, so COME JOIN US FOR SOME INTERESTING, ILLUMINATING DISCUSSIONS HERE IN MASTERS HALL!!!!  Light refreshments provided...



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