Famous Buccaneers Of Tortuga and Port Royal

Of the many famous Buccaneers that emerged from both islands one stands out more than the rest from both Tortuga and Port Royal.



Francois L'Olonnais


Born Sean David Nau, Francois L'Ololonnais was born in France.  While still a child he was sent as an indentured servant to the French colony of Martinique in the West Indies.  After his term of service was over he moved to the island of Hispaniola, and than to the island of Tortuga.  There he found work on one of the many buccaneer ships.  Proving himself quickly he was given command of his own ship and became one of the most ruthless pirates in history.  During an attack on the island of San Pedro L'Olonnais and his crew killed all of the Spaniards with the exception of a few.  The few he kept were so he could question them about an unguarded route to the treasure.  when none would speak, he pulled out his knife, cut the hearrt and began to gnaw on it.  After this he was abandoned by his crew, but it left him with the reputation of a "blood Thirsty" Pirate.




Henry Morgan

Port Royal

Henry Morgan was born in Wales in 1635, he arrived in Barbados as a privateer in 1655.  He quickly assented the ranks and became the commander of his own ship easily.  He then found his way to Port Royal Jamaica, then a haven for buccaneers.  From there he proceeded to become one of the wealthiest "privateers" in history.  His most notable score was when he and his crew sacked the island of Panama in 1670 where the booty amounted to somewhere around one million dollars in Spanish silver.  Befpre he died on August 25th 1688 he had accumulated a great deal of wealth and prestige.  During his life he held the positions of acting governor of Jamaica, Vice-Admiral, Commandant of the Port Royal Regiment, Judge of the Admiralty Court,  Justice of the Peace and he was knighted by Charles II.  Captain Henry Morgan remains to this day one of the most famous pirates in history.

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