British Enlightenment


The Scottish Enlightenment stressed the necessity for an organized and structured economy.   The Scottish Enlightenment exposed the idea of common sense.  Common sense was an opinionated, enlightening approach to human society, which drew from the moral feelings of man.  It tried to outline a better way for people to treat one another and to live a good life on earth so that they could move on to their next life in god’s good grace.  Individual character was strengthened so that it became the foundation for all human achievement.  David Hume and Adam Smith were two key players in the Scottish Enlightenment.


Key Aspects of the Scottish Enlightenment:

Science and Philosophy of Man:



·        Scottish literature during the 18th century shared similar themes with the developing philosophical ideas.

·        Poets tried to revive Scots as a literary language by restoring local interest in the Scots literary tradition by combining its different dialects.

Art and Architecture:


David Hume

Adam Smith

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